Tina & Teddy Campbell Are Expecting Their 5th Child!

Tina Campbell, half of the multi-Grammy Award-winning sister duo, Mary Mary, has just announced that she and husband, Teddy Campbell are expecting. The proud and devoted parents of four children are thrilled to welcome a new addition to their family.

Tina’s announcement comes on the heels of sister and duo mate Erica and husband Warryn Campbell’s arrival of their new baby girl Zaya Monique. The sisters Campbell are no strangers to delivering their children in close proximity to each other. In years’past, both couples have had children within months of the other.

The news also arrives in the midst of the duo’s promotion for their new reality series on WE tv, premiering on March 29, 2012, along with yesterday’s news of a Dove Award nomination for Urban Album of the Year for their highly successful 2011 album, Something Big. The nomination arrives in close proximity to the release of anew My Block/Columbia Records single, “Go Get It,” the title track to the upcoming May album.

Next month, America will have a first glimpse of how the couple, along with sister Erica and producer/husband Warryn Campbell, balance their relationship, family life, individual careers – Teddy Campbell is the drummer of the famous Ricky Minor Band and plays nightly on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the day-to-day moments in the life of Mary Mary, when the self-titled reality series launches. Mary Marypremiers on WE tv Thursday, March 29th at 10pm ET/PT, then continues each week at 9pm ET/PT with ten, hour-long episodes.




  1. Ablessed Woman

  2. Andryan Webb says:

    I love the sisters both and what they bring to young christians keep up the good work!

    • tammy thomas says:

      I love them very mucxh because their song has gave me the strong to take back my strength from the devil. When i go throught things in my life i turn their music on and praise the lord until i can’t stop crying.

  3. ok Tina I see you trying to out do Erica, so you know what that means…. Erica, I guess you need to be working on another announcement of your own around ’bout summertime…lol…I love you both….TheMarysRock

    • Shur up retard u know they aint competing so mind ya own doggon businness u aint neva met so u dont know wat they up 2(in my snapping voice). Oh and by the way congratts tina n teddy u 2 erica n warryn luv u guys

  4. Congrats tina nd teddy we all love y’all

  5. Sakinah LaPierre says:


  6. Briana Brown says:

    Congrats on your new addition to your family.

  7. Francesca Foules says:

    Congratulaions, Tina and Teddy! I hope this one is gonna be a boy!

  8. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!!! I just know that God will continue to bless you beyond your wildest imagination. Keep praising Him and stay faithful. You and yours are in my prayers.

  9. Debra harice says:

    congrt. to tina and teddy love you

  10. Congratulations, Tina and Teddy!!

  11. Jo Ann Johnson says:

    Dear Teddy & Tina (aka~ Mary☺) Campbell,

    Again Congratulation!!!!!!☺ Also, you two can NEVER have enough Babies because Father God told us to “Be Fruitful & Multiply!!!!!!!!!!”☺LOL☺ SOON MY LOVE & I will be joining you right after we’re married “OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”☺

    God Bless You!!!!!
    Jo Ann

  12. I love Mary Mary’s music and I’m looking forward to watching the new reality series. Its about time we see beautiful black couples as well as poeple of our lord & Savior on the TV screen
    Good luck ladies on the success of this upcoming show as well as all your future endeavours. :)

  13. Oh i forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new edition to your family.

  14. Congrats on baby #5 Ms. Tina!! And congrats on welcoming baby #3 Ms. Erica!!
    I love y’all both so much and I LOVE your music
    God Bless you guys :) <3

  15. Dang they r so fertile but u kno wat both of them r married so if they feel like they want a lot of children then I guess to each his own

    • SHARWANDER says:


  16. Jashia Smith says:


  17. Congratulations! May God continue to bring blessings to your family, His Grace is sooo beautiful!

  18. Wow!!!!! I’m so happy for you Tina I hope it’s a babygirl and may God bless you and the baby be blessed and continue to sing I might this type of encouragement when I get older (:

  19. Ms. Angela says:

    Congrads to Tina & family, I hope all is well with thee. I’m a huge fan of both sisters I love you both. I love you all style and I love that you both love and live for the lord. Continue being the two beautiful queens that you are.

  20. Mellanese Linwood says:


  21. Its a nice one congrat.

  22. Alunda Adams says:

    I am so happy for Tina and Teddy I love kids and MaryMary yall keep doing what yall are doing be blessed PS love the new song

  23. congrats i love you guys,you and your sister my favorite song is yesterday, i was going threw some of life trials when i first heard that song and fell in love with it, so when i’m going threw i just remember that song, i cried my last tears yesterday’. you guys are one of my favorite. keep allowing god to use you’

  24. Good looking couple, no kidding!!! (no wonder theyre making babies). Erica, you next in line. Congratulations Tina, we love and pray for you.

  25. CONGRATULATIONS TINA AND TEDDY!!!!!! Lucky number 5!! Thats FANTASTIC!! Can’t wait to see how pretty He/She looks!! :)

  26. Awwww this is so cute… The red Mary is about to have another baby. And you will be just fine nomatter what other haters say. Why? Because our wonderful God is in your side!! But with the show you must know I’m watching it.. I know the date the channel and the time and I don’t really watch wee television… But I am now!! Well I just want to say congratulates to Tina and Teddy and to Erica and Warryn for there new.additions.to the family. Keep up the good.work. keep me in your prayers as I keep y’all in mine.
    I LOVE YALLL!!!!

  27. Congratulations on the new addition! What was the thought behind using a photo advertising vodka in the backdrop?


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